Monitoring & evaluation

Filling the learning gap in program implementation using participatory monitoring and evaluation

This study is motivated by the idea that even though participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is widely accepted as a tool to manage development programs to be effective, its application is widely constrained by its high start-up resource requirements in terms of both finance and time. However, this paper argues that after the initial investment is made, the payback from using PM&E is much higher both in terms of grassroots-level learning, empowerment, and capacity building and in terms of higher-level strategic decision making which enhances impact. 

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Making Evaluation Matter : Writings from South Asia

Edited by Katherine Eve Hay & Shubh Kumar-Range, (2014)
International Development Research Centre and SAGE Publications

The book has 13 chapters that explore a rich and diverse range of issues that focus on the context, use, and methodology of evaluation in South
Asia. As shown in this book, documenting and promoting the range of participatory and stakeholder-oriented evaluation approaches that are being developed, tested, and applied in this region is critical. These are being generated and are grounded in local social contexts and need to be nurtured as capacity building for evaluation is promoted.

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